Implementing a streamlined recruiting strategy is essential when it comes to finding and hiring the best possible employees. This is especially true in the energy industry. The truth is, if your company is lacking a “lean” and focused recruiting process, you may very well be missing out on the best candidates accepting your offers for employment, something your company simply can’t afford.

One of the most proactive approaches to establishing a solid recruiting process in a specialized field is to bring in the help of an outside staffing firm. Outsourced energy recruiting companies employ the most talented and experienced staffing professionals in the field who know the energy industry inside and out. They understand the niche needs and goals of the energy sector, and they know where to find the most skilled and promising candidates. This know-how gives energy recruiters an edge when it comes to bringing in the best talent as well as cutting hiring costs due to saved time and money.

Teaming up with an energy staffing agency puts your hiring needs in the experts’ hands; however, it is still necessary to have a well-thought-out plan going into the partnership. To make the hiring process as efficient as possible, keep the following points in mind throughout working with your recruiter:

  • Set a timeline. On top of presenting the open positions you’d like the recruiter to help fill, include a timeline to indicate when you want or need to have someone working in these positions. This will provide your recruiter a realistic starting point when setting candidate expectation as well as a set goal to work towards.
  • Work with your timeline. Make reviewing candidate resumes and providing timely feedback to your recruiter a top priority. This will keep your recruiter proactively moving forward in the process and help them meet your timeline.
  • Be clear. Before you even speak with your recruiter, make sure you have a clear and concise understanding of your staffing needs. The better grasp you have of what will benefit your company, the more likely your recruiter will be able to find the best candidates to fit these needs.

Recruiting is important in any industry, and for companies in specialized fields like the energy sector, working with a niche staffing firm can be the best step towards hiring long-term skilled employees. FootBridge Energy has been matching top energy industry job candidates with some of the most recognized companies throughout the energy sector for over a decade. If you are ready to partner with one of the top energy staffing agencies, contact FootBridge Energy today!