Your relationship with your staffing partner can be your company’s best kept secret hiring resource.  Perhaps one of the most common misconceptions about partnering with a niche staffing agency is that their purpose starts and ends with presenting a pool of job candidates to interview for your company’s vacant positions. In reality, your staffing firm has near infinite access to intel that can prove to be invaluable when hiring in the energy sector; leveraging this market knowledge they possess can greatly work to your company’s benefit. When you partner with an energy specific staffing company, you are unlocking access to:

  • Market saturation. Do you know how many qualified candidates are in your marketplace with the skillset you need? Your staffing agency does, and they can tell you where you need to be looking, how competitive the specific market may be, and what you need to do to attract these types of candidates.
  • Competitive salaries. Because your energy recruiting firm specializes in your industry, they have inside information on what the current salary ranges are for your top positions, as well as what your competitors are offering. This knowledge can help you gain a competitive edge by developing attractive compensation packages and understanding what top energy talent is worth.
  • Industry trends. The energy sector is in the midst of a revival, which puts it in a state of constant evolution. Many energy companies fear a talent shortage, but an energy search firm can help you prepare by seeing projections ahead of the curve. Additionally, recruiters in the energy sector know where to find the best talent, even if the candidates are not currently seeking a new position.

With all the market knowledge and resources your search firm has on hand to deliver, you would be making a huge mistake not to leverage this intel to your advantage. As one of the industry’s top staffing companies for more than a decade, FootBridge Energy thrives on arming their clients with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed in the constantly growing energy sector. Contact the energy staffing experts at FootBridge Energy to take advantage of the energy sector’s best staffing resources today!