Is your standard energy industry resume not getting the attention it deserves? Here are nine ways to make your qualifications stand out to hiring managers:

Be Relevant First

Get your relevant experience or positions as close to the top of the resume as you possibly can – ideally, directly under your name and contact information. The less the hiring manager has to search, the happier they will be.

Fill the Gaps

If you have gaps in your work history, don’t leave the hiring manager wondering where you went.  Mention what you did, whether it was taking care of a sick relative or going back to school, and what you learned.

Speak the Language

Does the job posting use specific keywords and key phrases to describe the skills needed on the job, the daily duties, and the major goals? Repeat these in your resume to connect your accomplishments directly to what the company is looking for.

Show, Don’t Tell

You can say that you’re “detail-oriented” or “hardworking” or “innovative” – but so can everyone else.  Instead, show how you used your strongest qualities to get results by mentioning specific achievements at each of your past jobs.

Link Professionally

Resist the urge to link to any personal social media profiles. If you use LinkedIn for professional work or you have an online portfolio, however, consider including these links.

Mind the Length

Two pages are enough for the most seasoned professional. Most people who are starting in the energy industry or who are mid-career can put their best accomplishments on one page. Fill this space with your strongest achievements and what you’ve learned at each step.

Please the Eye

You may only have one or two pages – but don’t take this as a reason to fill every millimeter of white space. Instead, use bullet points, headings, and spacing to make it easy to skim your resume and make the most important details stand out.

Ditch Your References

Hiring managers will ask for references if they want them, so don’t waste space listing them on your resume. Likewise, delete the line “references available upon request,” and use this space to showcase your skills instead.

Review Thoughtfully

Finally, read your polished resume from the point of view of a hiring manager. Is it easy to see what this person brings to the table? Are key details easy to find? Does it match the job description? Circle areas that need improvement and fix them before sending out your resume.

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