Like any major task, a job search works best when it’s organized. By keeping things neat and orderly, you’ll improve your ability to target the best employers for you, give better interviews, and land the job you’re looking for more quickly.

Here’s how to get (and stay!) organized in your energy sector job search:

Time and space matter.

First, decide where and at what time every day you’ll work on your job search. Potential locations range from your kitchen table or home office to a local library or coffee shop – anyplace you can sit and focus for a few hours. Then, schedule a block of time every day to work on your job search at this location.

Get your stuff together.

Once you commit to a time and place to work, gather together the things you’ll need for your job search. This might include your laptop or tablet, a phone, a printer, mailing supplies, and copies of documents you’ll refer to often, like your resume, cover letters, and job postings. Keep everything organized either in your workspace or in an easily portable container like a laptop bag or tote.

Create a tracking system.

Companies use applicant tracking systems to sort through applications and make sure all the pieces land in the same place. Do the same thing by setting up a spreadsheet or database that allows you to track each contact you make with an employer, what you did, and how they responded. It’ll make decisions like “should I send another email or just let them go?” much easier.

Rotate your search spots.

On Monday, check the local want ads. On Tuesday, look at the job boards of recruiters who specialize in the oil and gas industries. On Wednesday, meet a colleague or other professional connection for coffee to talk about job-related ideas and seek their help. By changing where you look each day – but staying on a regular weekly schedule – you maximize your coverage of potential job openings.

At FootBridge Energy Services, our experienced recruiters can help you keep your job search on track as we connect you to some of the best employers in the energy sector. Contact us today to learn more about our job opportunities in the energy sector.