The energy sector has played no small part in the improvement of our National economy in recent history.  When viewed as a whole, however, the industry is still only scratching the surface of its vast potential. Thanks to the abundance of energy resources, many more opportunities to revive our economy through creating a great wealth of jobs across the U.S. continue to present themselves. In fact, many industry experts believe that natural energy will be the key component in economic recovery and the projected National job boom.

Perhaps one of the most notable pioneers in what is proving to become the energy revolution is shale gas. Shale gas formations have a rich and longstanding history in the U.S. and recent technologies have given us the ability to capture this dispersed natural resource in huge quantities nearly everywhere in the country. New horizontal drilling techniques and improved hydrofracturing methods have unlocked access to previously unimagined amounts of natural gas and oil that had been trapped inside shale rock formations, in turn, providing near infinite amounts of oil to the U.S. and creating a demand for more energy specific jobs in the process.

Recently, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released a forecast predicting that the U.S. will surpass Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producer and Russia as the world’s largest natural gas producer by 2020, both largely due to shale gas and oil. This abundance of natural gas and oil on U.S. soil has led to a huge decline in the domestic cost of energy, often giving the U.S. a three-to-one advantage in energy costs versus other countries from which we receive imported goods. The combination of job demand and low-cost energy are equally contributing to opportunities to rebuild our Nation’s middle classes and achieve economic growth by finally getting our National debt under control.

An energy industry job boom on the horizon means professionals with experience in the sector will be more in demand than ever before. With many enticing opportunities at your fingertips, it is vital to understand what you need to advance your career in the direction that will prove most beneficial to your personal goals and professional growth. FootBridge Energy is the energy sector’s top resource for industry news, trends, and hiring. For an honest assessment of where your energy career will take you next, contact the energy hiring experts at FootBridge Energy today!