Your career is going “fine” – or maybe it isn’t. But have you made the changes that will create the biggest short-term and long-term impact?

Here are steps you can take today to transform your career in both the short term and the long term:

Set intentions, not motivations.

Feeling motivated to change can help you get started. But to stay on the path to lasting change, you’ll need more than motivation. You’ll need intention.

For each of your goals, create a statement about when, where and how often you will work on that goal. Be specific: “I will update my LinkedIn profile every Friday morning.” “I will contact a professional colleague for coffee on Wednesday afternoons.”

Then, schedule that intention in your calendar. Now you don’t need to be “motivated” to remember to carry out the task – you’ll do it because you have a specific time and reminder to do it.

Make your goals measurable.

“I’m going to look for a better job” is a tough goal to measure. What “counts” as looking for a better job? Did you meet the goal when you received a new job offer, or when you simply browsed a few job postings during your lunch break?

Making goals specific and measurable increases your chances of meeting them and of reaping a meaningful payoff from the work. “I will check job boards once a week and call a recruiter on Monday” is a measurable goal. At the end of the week, you’ll know whether you checked any job boards, and you’ll also know whether you called the recruiter. If you took either of these steps, you’ll be able to set a new measurable goal: “I will send a resume to that job posting I saved.” “I will attend my meeting with my new recruiter on Thursday.”

Work with a recruiter.

Staffing agencies specialize in helping professionals “unstick” their careers. They know how to plan for short- and long-term success based on your goals. They can even help you connect with jobs and employers tailored to your specific abilities and interests, increasing your chances of receiving an offer.

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