Selecting the right candidates to become your company’s next employees is one of the most important business decisions you face. Putting in the necessary time, efforts, and sometimes costs, are all required when it comes to building a great team and a strong company culture, not to mention preventing turnover and underperformance. Despite the weight successful hiring carries, many energy industry employers continuously make the same mistakes throughout the hiring process. Fortunately, these common mistakes are easy to overcome so you can recruit and hire proven industry talent. Consider these five common hiring mistakes energy companies make so you can avoid them when the time comes to do your own hiring:

  • Over-hiring or under-hiring talent. Over hiring leads to too many employees without enough work to go around, in turn, putting you in the painful position of having to let some employees go. On the opposite end of the spectrum, under hiring leaves you with company underperformance issues and employees who become stretched too thin due to taking on workloads that should be divided among several employees. To prevent over and under hiring, make sure you understand your company’s exact needs before promoting your job vacancies and making a hiring decision.
  • Rushed or unplanned hiring process. It is a natural impulse to want to immediately fill an open position in your company; however, rushing the hiring process can lead to hiring a candidate who lacks the proper skills, personality, or work ethic to fit with your company. Instead, take the time you need to define the job, search for quality candidates, and conduct several interviews with the most promising potential employees.
  • Not vetting candidates. In today’s competitive market, many job seekers have become well-versed in the science and art of interviewing. Just because a candidate seems confident, eager, and knowledgeable during your interview, do not rely on your gut instinct alone. Make sure you set time aside to call references, perform background checks, and meet with your candidates on more than one occasion before making your final hiring decision.
  • Not asking behavioral based interview questions. Most traditional interview questions are a dime a dozen; likewise, most job seekers know how to prepare for these types of questions and will have rehearsed answers on the ready upon being asked. Behavioral based questions are different because they are very specific to the individual candidate and job at hand. Don’t forego your regular interview questions if they are important to the position, but be sure to include specific, behavioral questions that lead to answers with examples of past work experiences.
  • Too long of a hiring or interviewing process. While it is important to not rush your hiring process, you will also want to make sure it does not become too drawn out.  It is highly possible that your pool of candidates will be interviewing with other companies, possibly even competitors who may beat you to extending a job offer. To make sure you don’t lose your top candidates, keep your hiring and interviewing within a determined timeframe, and keep your candidates in the loop.

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