A recruiting firm can be an invaluable ally when it comes to finding better talent with less effort – or they can become a “third wheel” in your process to find the people you need.  Here are seven things to look for when evaluating recruiting firms to fit your needs:

They can provide promising candidates for your company.

Any staffing firm can show you a pool of people, but the best staffing partners will be able to provide a “short list” of people who could fit well with your company’s culture and needs – often, off the top of their heads.  Make sure the prospects look promising before you choose a staffing partner.

They’re willing to talk about their process.

With most staffing firms, clients pay when they hire a candidate the staffing partner recommended.  It’s your money on the line, so talk to your staffing partner about what they do to find the best candidates and earn that fee.

They want to know all about you.

The best staffing partners understand that every company is different – and they ask questions about your needs, your past experiences with candidates, and your internal culture in order to find candidates that will truly fit into your company.  Beware the staffing company that neither asks questions nor seems interested in hearing what you have to say.

Their workers are ready to work.

When hiring contract or temporary candidates, look for a staffing firm that provides basic onboarding and training.  Workers should arrive with a clear understanding of the work to be done.

They know their industry top to bottom.

Staffing firms with a deep knowledge of the industry they serve excel at providing the right candidates for the work.  They’re also good at spotting industry trends, making them an invaluable resource as you start to plan strategically for better hiring.

They care about your long-term interests.

The best staffing firms are interested in your long-term growth, your extended plans and your ability to find great people – even if you’re only hiring for a temporary gig.  They ask about your needs to ensure they can meet them today and tomorrow.

They’re committed to their own business and what they do.

The best staffing partner is one you can build a relationship with over months or even years.  If the staffing company itself has low turnover, its people probably understand what it takes to build a strong internal culture and set a standard of excellence – which means they can help your organization do it too.

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