Even the strongest career path contains a few roadblocks.  Perhaps you’re positioned for an excellent promotion, but you lack a certification or educational credential required to take the job.  Or perhaps you’ve been promoted as far as you can go with your current company, and there simply isn’t another rung on this career ladder.

No matter what type of roadblock you’re facing, here are five ways to overcome it:

Expand your map.

Lack of an educational credential keeping you down?  Reached the top of the career ladder and don’t see where to go next?  The first step to choosing a new path is knowing your options.  Expand your mental “map” of your career path by studying up on the options available, whether those are continuing education classes at local colleges or career paths with other companies in your industry.

Step sideways.

When “up” isn’t an option, “sideways” can open new horizons.  Consider taking a specialist position that offers comparable (or improved) compensation, yet allows you to focus on a particular topic or area.  An added bonus: As the resident experts, specialists are often indispensable to their teams.

Tap into your network.

What are your professional friends and colleagues up to?  How have they solved this problem?  For the next month, schedule one or two meetups a week with contacts in your network.  Get coffee together, go for a lunchtime walk or chat over Skype.  Someone you know may have exactly the answer you need.

Consider contract work.

To expand your horizons and see past roadblocks, sometimes the best step is to try something new.  Contract positions are a great way to gain experience, dig in to specialized projects, expand your professional network and “test drive” a potential employer – all while being paid to do so!

Work with a recruiter.

Staffing firms specialize in connecting professionals with employers and job openings that offer the next step in the career you’re working so hard to build.  Talk to your recruiter about the roadblocks you’re facing in order to gain insight and assistance in overcoming them.

At FootBridge Energy Services, our recruiters know where the biggest roadblocks are in any energy industry career, and we know how to help you overcome them.  Contact us today to learn more about our top job opportunities in the energy sector.