The energy job industry always offers an interesting look at the overall state of our economy. We mention this because understanding how energy services job growth is changing is an essential part of developing a sound hiring process and determining whether or not this is a good time to start a new company or grow an existing one. Do you hire permanent employees or choose to go with contractors in an ever-evolving market? It’s a lot to consider when dealing with large budgets and employees that may or may not need to be mobile.

The good news, according to Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, who was quoted in a Department of Energy (DOE) report, “The country is turning a corner, and a strong energy workforce is critical to our full recovery.” In other words, jobs need to be filled. With a focus on clean energy, particularly power grids, transportation, and fuel infrastructures –  modernizations will inevitably lead to more manufacturing, installation, and maintenance jobs.  Here are some more key findings from the DOE report:

  • Companies connected with energy efficiency operations anticipate a 10.1% job increase
  • Companies tied to electric power generation predict an 8.1% rise
  • The fuels sector expects a 5.5% increase in jobs
  • The transportation, distribution, and storage anticipate 4.2% job growth

Additionally, according to a  fuel report by the International Energy Agency (IEA),  “Nuclear and hydropower are going to be critical to low-carbon electricity generation. The proof is in the numbers, too, as nuclear power has reduced CO2 emissions by over 60 gigatonnes – nearly two years’ worth of global energy-related emissions in the past 50 years.

What Does This Mean for Hiring Energy Workers?

Innovation is the cornerstone of clean energy. As new technologies continue to emerge, companies prepared to take advantage of these changes and implement new strategies will be ahead of the competition.

Understanding job growth and change in energy services are essential for developing a good hiring process. Also, the energy industry thrives on large-scale projects, so candidates who understand these roles are more likely to succeed. Industry knowledge, technical achievements, critical problem skills, and intellectual curiosity will be must-haves for candidates who want to build long-term careers in an industry that will likely change many times before they retire.

Why Hiring Contractors is Beneficial for Energy Companies

Regular ups and downs in the energy industry leave many professionals wondering which “next step” to take. Because many contract positions are project-specific, they give energy companies a chance to test their workers and only bring them on for a specific amount of time.  Contract positions focus on the project, leaving the daily tasks to the everyday staff.

As hiring tightens, which is always a possibility, employers will need to stay connected to energy staffing experts with extensive professional networks and keen knowledge of those who work in the field. By connecting with a staffing firm, employers work with someone who specializes in staying on top of energy market trends and knowing who the established professionals and “rising stars” are in the local oil and gas industries.

One of the most proactive approaches to establishing a solid recruiting process in a specialized field is to bring in the help of an outside staffing firm. Outsourced energy recruiting companies employ the most talented and experienced staffing professionals in the field who know the energy industry inside and out. They understand energy services’ niche needs and goals and know where to find the most skilled and promising candidates. This know-how gives energy recruiters an edge when bringing in the best talent and cutting hiring costs due to saved time and money.

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