Perhaps one of the most efficient methods for determining a smart path for success in the new year is taking a look at your business’s highlights from the previous year. Here at FootBridge, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with timely resources on industry news, hiring trends, and best practices for excelling in the energy sector. Although we make it a point to only post useful and relevant content, four of our blog posts in particular stood out and proved to be the most popular among our audience in 2013. For quick reference, we have detailed a handy recap of these posts here:

  • Skilled Labor Demand Increases in Oil and Gas. To this day, skilled labor jobs such as engineers, specialized technicians, project managers, schedulers, and other service workers remain the most in demand jobs in the field. The article explores solutions for energy companies looking to overcome the potential shortage of skilled labor workers including nurturing current employee relationships, implementing mentor programs, and creating and sticking to a strategic staffing plan.
  • A “Lean” Recruiting Process is Essential in Energy. In a niche industry like the energy sector, enlisting the help of an established energy staffing firm to implement a streamlined hiring strategy is absolutely essential for finding, recruiting, hiring, and retaining the best employees.  This article discusses helpful tips to make the most of your relationship with your recruiter such as setting a timeline, working within your timeline, and clearly communicating your staffing needs.
  • Being Short-Staffed is Costing You…Big! A harmful and unfortunately common practice among today’s business owners is failing to devote the necessary time and resources to hiring. This article explores some of the hidden risks of understaffing and explains how partnering with an energy specific staffing firm can help your company save valuable time and money while maintaining productivity.
  • Beware of Your Employees Being Poached! As the need for qualified energy workers and contractors continues to rise, many companies are beginning to look at their competition to find top candidates. While there may not be a magical solution to keep all of your best employees with your company, this article provides valuable insight on how to take preventative action against other companies poaching your contract employees.

Although 2013 was a prosperous and exciting year for the energy industry, we are looking forward to the new developments and opportunities 2014 is certain to bring. At FootBridge Energy, we make sure to always stay one step ahead of the curve so our clients always have access to the most up to date resources on finding and hiring the best energy job candidates. Contact FootBridge Energy today to learn how we can help fulfill your energy staffing needs!