It is not uncommon that job seekers will find themselves needing to relocate for a great new job opportunity. When approached incorrectly, this can prove to be both a challenging and unnecessarily stressful transition for many employees; after all, the process requires you to find a new place to call home, become acquainted with a new environment, master a new job, and build a brand new support network all at the same time. Making the decision to move for a job demands a good amount of consideration and can sometimes be one of the most important choices you can make for your career.

The energy industry is no exception when it comes to fields occasionally requiring employees to move. Growth in the energy sector is just one of many factors contributing to a healthy rise in U.S. jobs. In fact, unconventional oil and gas production have created more than 1 million jobs, and 800,000 more jobs are prospected by 2015. Driving a strong need for construction workers, engineers, truck drivers, and a wide variety of other occupations, it comes as no surprise that many job seekers today are steering their searches towards the energy sector, especially in high-demand areas such as Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia to name a few big players.

Due to the closing of Crystal River 3, many alternative energy enthusiasts are projecting a sizable boom in solar energy jobs in Florida. It is common knowledge that if there is one thing Florida has in abundance, it is sunlight; replacing the energy the Crystal River area will be losing due to the power plant’s closing with solar power would be a smart and efficient next move. Fortunately, whether the energy sector jobs are sprouting in Florida or elsewhere, FootBridge Energy is ready to help.

FootBridge Energy prides itself in assisting new energy workers with several unique temporary relocation adjustment attributes including:

  • Housing identification. FootBridge Energy will help you adjust to your new area by finding appropriate local housing and help point you in the right direction to get on your feet as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  • Concierge programs. These unique programs, provided exclusively by FootBridge Energy, help new employees settle in to their new daily routine, allowing you to make your new job your primary focus since everything else will be taken care of.

The energy sector is a prime field for job seekers looking for something new or seasoned professionals looking to advance their careers. FootBridge Energy fosters a culture of success by helping its employees every step of the way, from initially finding the job to settling in and making a career. If you are ready to jumpstart your career in the energy industry and would like additional relocation resources, contact the experts at FootBridge Energy today!