Every day, job openings in the energy industry appear. Yet even a discerning job seeker may not spot these new openings. They’re “hidden” jobs that never reach the public eye.

Instead of posting these jobs publicly, companies turn to their recruiters to find the people they need for the open positions.

Why Do Employers “Hide” Jobs With Recruiters?

To many job seekers, the idea that employers only mention their job openings to staffing firms seems unfair. After all, you’re working hard to find promising job opportunities and to present your skills in a positive and confident light. Why do companies hide the ball?

Here are several reasons some of the best jobs remain hidden:

  • Time is of the essence. Lacking the time to launch a full-scale candidate search, the company turns to its recruiter hoping the staffing firm will find suitable candidates more quickly.
  • Culture matters. The company trusts its staffing firm to recommend candidates who not only offer the right skills, but will also mesh well with the company’s values and approach to work.
  • More doesn’t always mean better. The company wants to weed out unqualified candidates who bury or obscure the qualified professionals, and they don’t want to do the weeding themselves. Instead, they ask a recruiter to do it for them.

Understanding why and how job postings get “hidden” can help you uncover them. Here’s how:

Hide and Seek: Finding Hidden Job Opportunities

When top companies “hide” their job postings with a recruiter, it makes sense to work with a recruiting firm to find those openings. Here’s how partnering with a recruiter benefits your career:

  • Access to hidden job postings – and custom recommendations. Not only will you know what’s available, but your recruiter can point you toward job openings that best fit your skills and workplace style, improving the chances you’ll find a job you truly love.
  • One-on-one advice and coaching. Your recruiter will help you fine-tune your resume and interview skills, improving your chances of landing the job you want.
  • Long-term networking and support. Once you’ve found the next step on your career ladder, stay in touch with your recruiter to maintain a strong professional network and learn more about the industry.

At FootBridge Energy Services, our recruiters work with some of the best employers in the oil and gas industries – and help you unearth the hidden jobs that will help you forge your career. Contact us today to learn more about our energy job opportunities.