The nuclear energy industry has specific rules, requirements, and regulations that are duplicated in no other industry. As a result, hiring managers in nuclear energy are looking for specific skills, capabilities, and work histories when recruiting nuclear talent. But top nuclear talent comes in many forms – and all are in demand.

Employers seeking to recruit talented employees for jobs in nuclear energy look for traits like:

  1. A Range of Skills. Nuclear engineers will always have a place in the nuclear energy field – and knowing what companies are looking for in their engineers can provide key insight into finding the right job for you. But many nuclear energy companies are also actively seeking professionals in other fields. Construction managers, electrical engineers, project management staff, and other job seekers may find the job they’re looking for in a nuclear energy company.
  2. A Clean Security Background. Safety and security are top concerns at any nuclear energy facility. As a result, nuclear energy companies perform thorough background checks for each prospective employee. Education and employment credentials are examined, as are an applicant’s criminal, military, and credit histories. For candidates who can show a clean background check, work in nuclear energy can be a solid option with little delay for clearance. Candidates who have demonstrated their trustworthiness by earning clean security credentials in other fields often climb to the top of a hiring manager’s list.
  3. Lifelong Learning. The nuclear energy industry changes constantly. As a result, anyone who makes a career in nuclear energy must be willing and able to learn and adapt constantly to new technologies, new systems, and new security and safety requirements. Candidates who can demonstrate both a passion for lifelong learning and an initiative to learn and practice new knowledge stand out to hiring managers in nuclear energy.
  4. Teamwork. Few projects in any nuclear energy company are accomplished by solo work. Instead, nuclear energy teams must work together, often by incorporating expertise in a number of fields or departments, to tackle problems and reach goals. Demonstrated teamwork in a technical environment can also help a candidate distinguish his or her application from those of competing professionals.

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