Hiring managers often have to explain the differences between project controllers when working with recruiters. At FootBridge, however, project control placements are our specialty. Whether it’s a production, IT, or Primavera 6 super, we inherently understand what is needed on a job site and office. A “function” project controls include the management, planning, execution, and monitoring of a project to ensure its goals and objectives are achieved within the defined scope, timeline, and budget. It can also be considered a methodology that includes controlling, planning, tracking, and executing a schedule and/or budget.

 For example, Project controllers like Tim W.  use various tools, techniques, and processes to track and report project performance, identify and mitigate risks, and provide accurate and timely information to stakeholders. Ultimately, the primary purpose is to ensure that a project is executed efficiently, effectively, and in a manner that meets stakeholders’ expectations. Therefore, the project controllers we place play a critical role in ensuring that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.

Dependent on the industry, many project controls variations exist. In the construction and engineering sector, for instance, project controls play a considerable role in ensuring the positive outcome of multi-billion-dollar projects that require massive sequencing.

Cost, schedule, time, and outcome. These four things define project controls, and there are several different types of project schedulers for which we make job placements including:

Project Planning and Scheduling Engineers: These professionals are responsible for developing and maintaining project schedules, including creating a timeline of tasks and milestones, determining task dependencies, and estimating task durations. They use scheduling software such as Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project to create and update schedules throughout the project.

Project Control Specialists: These professionals monitor and control project schedules, budgets, and resource allocation. They use project management tools to track project performance and regularly report to project stakeholders. 

Assistant Project Control Specialists: Assist with developing, implementing, and maintaining a cost management reporting data warehouse to produce valuable program controls reports and data.

Project Coordinators: These professionals support project managers by coordinating project activities, ensuring project schedules are met, and managing project documentation.

Construction Schedulers: These professionals specialize in scheduling construction projects, including residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects. They are responsible for creating and maintaining construction schedules, including sequencing tasks, determining resource requirements, and estimating project durations.

IT Project Schedulers: These professionals specialize in scheduling IT projects, including software development projects, network installations, and data center migrations. They are responsible for developing and maintaining project schedules, tracking progress, and managing project budgets.

Master Schedulers: These professionals oversee the scheduling of multiple projects within an organization. They ensure that project schedules are aligned with organizational goals and priorities and that schedules are consistent across different projects.

Project Control Managers:  May lead a team of individuals focused on all aspects of project and cost control support activity spanning a variety of specialty industrial construction projects. These individuals may also compile, analyze, and report project costs and schedules to the project team. Cost Control, earned value management, budget oversight, estimating, change management, planning, forecasting, reporting progress and performance, and funding are all part of the role.

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