In 2007 mechanical engineer Rich Puckett was hired by FootBridge to perform contract work for a civil engineering firm. A position that, at first, he didn’t think he was interested in. “I thought being a contractor in the energy industry meant no benefits,” a belief Puckett points out, turned out not to be the case. 

Since he worked a minimum of 35 hours a week, Puckett qualified as a FootBridge W-2 employee, receiving the same allowances as full-time workers (dental, vision, life, disability, 401 K contributions, and even supplemental insurances). He also knew that FootBridge had his back every step of the way. As it would turn out, Puckett was so happy being a contractor that 15 years and many mechanical engineering and assessment projects later, all with FootBridge, he is just now set to retire. 

Reminiscing, Puckett says,  “Working as a FootBridge contractor was almost like having a union rep on my side because if I had a problem, Joe Squires, FootBridge Operations Manager, would always step in and handle it.” 

Being a contractor versus a permanent employee in the energy industry takes on new meaning

Where he was once against working as a contractor, Puckett explains how he was soon all-in. “Take hotel costs, for example. Sometimes I’d get a position with a company, and normally they wouldn’t cover the expense. But working with FootBridge meant they’d set it up for me, and any reimbursements, if needed, were readily available.”

 “Since FootBridge is a smaller energy staffing firm than some of the giants, we can swiftly respond to any issues should they arise,” says Squires. “For instance, in Puckett’s case, there was an accounting glitch, and his check didn’t make it out on time. We remedied the problem, and I overnighted the payment, so Puckett had it in his hands without any additional delay.”

 “It’s just one example of how responsive the FootBridge team was in general,” says Puckett, whose relationship with Squires and his team soon became one of friendship because, as he points out, “Everything was easy and personable. Plus, Joe always strived to work out a resolution to any problem that came along.”   

 “I could not have found a better company to work for or a boss that was as much a friend, boss, and guide as Joe Squires.

After 15 years of working as a contractor with FootBridge and now entering retirement, “I can only say how very much I appreciate Joe’s support and the high standards and level of integrity for which FootBridge brought to every job,” says Puckett. 

As for contract work, Puckett wouldn’t have had it any other way. And, in case he ever wants to perform project work again, working as a contractor can be the ultimate form of retirement. As a reminder to potential candidates, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, 401 K earnings are also portable, meaning an employee can take them wherever they go. 

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