The FootBridge Company provides temporary and permanent staffing to the commercial construction industry. However, our focus is on construction management (CM) rather than construction craft.  While the projects may be similar, such as building pipelines, pharmaceutical facilities, hospitals, warehouses, and government and commercial construction in schools, the roles we hire for differ. 

For instance, our recruiters constantly communicate with industry professionals with experience in budgeting, supervising, planning, and coordinating roles. Some examples of construction management positions include:

  •       Engineers
  •       Superintendents
  •       Project controllers and schedulers
  •       Project managers
  •       Proposal managers

About construction management roles: Many of our candidates have experience in electrical engineering, civil engineering, construction management, or a related field. They also maintain professional licenses and structural, software, and training certifications such as OSHA 10 or 30. Of course, every position is different, so be sure to check out our job listings which are continuously updated throughout the week. [SB1] 

Alternatively, construction craft projects positions may include:

  •       Welders
  •       Forepersons
  •       Demolition workers
  •       Excavators

Want to know what else FootBridge does to assist with staffing in the construction management industry? Check out the list below:

We invest the time and effort to learn about unique skillsets and job requirements

Our recruiters perform specific candidate searches for positions such as project controls managers, superintendents, construction managers, and more. We are also very fast, responsive to change, and our experience and ability to hear client needs set us apart from other staffing firms.

We understand the industry

Companies partner with FootBridge to source construction management professionals because we truly understand the construction management industry and consistently deliver quality candidates while always working with a sense of urgency. We often hear back from clients that they only need to open one or two resumes before finding the right candidate.

We’re proactive

Recently, a large agricultural processing client urgently needed an experienced construction manager to oversee the installation of a denaturant system. As is still the case, many commercial construction projects experience supply chain delays, and this project was no exception. Rather than sit idle, we sourced a construction manager who adjusted schedules to keep the team busy and engaged while continuing to advance the project timeline.

We’re resourceful

Always supportive, FootBridge meets critical project requirements without missing a beat. For instance, when a large pharmaceutical company needed a master planner/scheduler to oversee a $40 million building renovation – after having gone through several candidates already, we hired an experienced candidate to oversee engineering, procurement, construction, C&Q, automation, and operations scheduling.

We’re energetic and communicative

Always professional, our recruiters are also personable and communicative. You couldn’t ask for a more resourceful and insightful client manager who keeps in regular contact with our candidates, and we feel the secret to success is to focus all your energy not on waiting on the old but on building the new.

Fast Construction Management Staffing Facts:

At FootBridge, we believe in delivering more than clients expect in ever-changing markets, including oil and gas, energy services, process industries, and power and utilities. While positions vary, construction management clients typically have several projects at once, with bids out on more. Staffing these projects requires extensive technical recruitment expertise on behalf of our recruiters, and it’s part of what sets us apart from our competitors. Since construction management staffing involves large capital budgets, our recruiters must take a flexible staffing approach to keep costs down, with highly skilled people on the job. 

Our recruiters provide clients exactly what they want, not what we think they need in terms of candidates. Don’t let your recruiting process keep you from hiring top talent.  At FootBridge, our experienced recruiters specialize in helping our clients streamline the hiring process to attract and hire top talent. Contact us today to learn more.