As we approach the one year mark since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, we’re talking with companies who say they are seeing more job candidates who are making career shifts. In particular, manufacturing and construction, which occur in many settings, be it healthcare, electronics, technology, and more, have proven to be a sector where persons can turn for well-paying options with benefits, especially since many companies offer on-the-job training. 

For instance, people who previously worked in the automotive industry, such as mechanics and technicians, can quickly transfer these skills to the manufacturing floor. The same can be said of those with a construction background, including welders, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, and carpenters. If you worked in a field affected by COVID-19 and want to make a career shift, here were outline industries where we see transferable skillsets applicable to manufacturing. Which, by the way, has plenty of available roles just waiting to be filled by the right person. 


If you have experience with any of the following, you might enjoy a role in manufacturing:

Excellent communication skills 

Ability to read and work from blueprints or schematics

Mathematical calculations

Technology know-how

Team player



Understanding of construction processes

Time management and organizations skills

Analytical skills

Fast learner

Restaurant Workers

The restaurant industry, as we all know, was hard struck by the pandemic. However, we’re seeing people with a service background easily transition to manufacturing, where they are flourishing in roles such as assemblers, technicians, and materials assistants. It’s not just servers who can find work either. As often happens in a commercial kitchen, anyone with experience fixing machinery can see a rewarding career in manufacturing.  For example, an assembler could shift to composing electro-mechanical equipment, including robots, wiring, component installation, and kit assemblies. Technicians with electrical backgrounds can transfer their skills to the rebuilding of electro-mechanical units, subassemblies, and complete machine modules. At the same time, someone with a keen eye for inventory can help with materials. There are even customer service roles involved in manufacturing. 

Event Workers and Planners 

Many people had to reschedule events this past year, leaving workers in this field scrambling for work. In this case, we see people that set-up tents and audiovisual equipment do well in manufacturing roles.  Many times manufacturing workers must read from a set of blueprints for machinery assembly. They must follow documented processes, check inventory, review checklists, and use problem-solving skills when things don’t go according to plan. We have many roles that fit this category and encourage interested candidates to apply for these positions.   


While retail shops are open, shopping isn’t what it used to be. If your job has been affected by lay-offs during the pandemic, many manufacturers want hard-working employees like you. A retail environment calls for excellent communication, people, and sales skills. When it comes to manufacturing, candidates with this kind of background can also perform sales. Many companies will provide training so that you can explain product benefits and uses.  According to, a manufacturing sales role pays well, too – up to $84,000 annually. 


Anyone with mechanical abilities and hobbies that aren’t necessarily work-related might want to explore manufacturing as a career. Perhaps you enjoy tinkering with cars and working on home projects. If you have carpentry skills, you likely are used to working with machinery.  And that’s something you can take with you when it comes to kit and product assemblies.  For more information on transferable job skills, check out Indeed’s career development article

Manufacturing can be an exciting and rewarding career, and we’re here to help you find your path.  We encourage anyone looking to make a career move, including recent military veterans, current reservists, and college graduates, to apply.  If you’re looking for ways to update your resume and writing a cover letter, visit our job resources page. There you’ll find tips for reaching out. Visit our  At FootBridge Energy Services, and our recruiters can help you land the manufacturing job of your dreams. Contact the manufacturing recruiting partners to learn more.