At FootBridge, we know commercial construction. We also understand your space and the technical aspects of client projects. Do you get a lot of resumes that aren’t the right fit? How long does it take your internal hiring team to go through them all? Especially considering that you could receive upwards of hundreds of responses from a single ad alone. Unfortunately, finding the right people and screening resumes takes time. Time, the project management team, just can’t spare.  Instead of spending weeks, if not months reviewing candidates, however, did you know FootBridge can provide you with people that are qualified in as little time as a day. In fact, we find the commercial construction people that YOU want. 


The FootBridge Difference

In previous posts, we’ve spoken about cost savings, flexibility, and speed of delivery when it comes to contract placements in the commercial construction industry. And what we’ve discovered along the way are many firms are unfamiliar with staffing agencies. In fact, they’re surprised to learn we do more than source candidates. But with so many out there, how do you know what’s right for your business?  At FootBridge, we work with clients to understand their problems first on a technical level and, in many cases, offer up solutions they never thought possible.  Especially during the time of COVID-19, when many commercial construction projects we’re seeing tend to be of short duration. Do you hire direct and put a candidate on salary, risking a layoff further down the road? Or, do you hire them on contract for only the duration of a project that may only take three to six months?  


Today, most commercial clients we work with have several projects going on at once, with bids out on more. To staff these projects requires more than a database search. Doing so takes grit, recruitment savviness, and technical know-how. Right now, for instance, there are hospitals to be built and added on to. We have government construction projects throughout the United States and commercial construction going on in schools. All these, and more, require extensive technical recruitment expertise on behalf of our recruiters, and it’s part of what sets us apart from our competitors. 


In fact, one of our most significant objectives is to have an open and honest conversation with prospective clients about their wants and goals. Sure, there are qualified candidates and rates to be discussed. But before we even get to that, we want to know more about the project itself. From there, we will do our best to come up with a flexible solution based on our industry-specific recruitment expertise.  If we’re not the right fit, you can be sure we’ll find someone who can help you. 


 We are a team of honest and hardworking individuals who care.  

It’s said people do business with those they know, like and trust.  At FootBridge, we also bring value to the relationship and are constantly innovating and thinking of ways we can better serve our clients. But what really makes us stand out in a crowd? Here’s what a couple of members of our sales team have to say. 


Companies consistently comment on the efficiency with which we’re able to deliver qualified candidates. Also, when it comes time for an interview, our candidates are always prepared and well informed of our clients’ business. To the core, we believe in four major principles: accountability, transparency, integrity, and excellence.

Ray Lamonica, Client Business Manager, at FootBridge since August 2011.


Josh Avin Client Business Manager FootBridge

 “Countless commercial construction managers have said our flexible staffing approach keeps their costs down and highly skilled people on the job. I talk to commercial construction companies every day. One thing they’re always blown away by is our ability to understand the big picture and provide exactly what they want, not what we think they need.”

Joshua Avin, Client Business Manager, at FootBridge since May 2018.  

As always, hiring top talent is essential to the success of your business, and our team is here to help you
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