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Construction Manager / John



    A goods manufacturing practice (GMP), needed someone to source and implement a small capital expense project. They were unable to identify anyone internally with the available time or skills to assist. FootBridge stepped in and identified John as a great fit for their project. John secured the required materials faster than expected with deep cost savings recognized by our client.


    Project Scope

    A goods manufacturing practice (GMP) with multiple small capital expense projects needed a production process improvement/optimization that would involve a demo and rebuilding of a GMP facility.

    FootBridge hired John, a construction manager (CM), to work on front-end specifications, third-party designs, and material selections. John also:

    • Solicited and qualified potential bidders.
    • Worked on bid packages, permits, and requests for proposals (RFPs) with the project manager.
    • Managed permits during the bid, evaluate and award (BEA) stage.


    Supply chain issues are an ongoing concern for current construction projects. COVID-19 lockdowns and job insecurities abruptly stopped the shipment of global goods, and even though the nation is starting to recover, delays are still prominent.   In this case, the lead time for insulated metal panels (IMPs) was eight months, and there were issues with stainless curbs due to sourcing steel and fabrication disruptions.

    What’s more, the existing insulated metal panels (IMP) were a cam lock design, and the client wasn’t sure how they would fit in the current ceiling design. Despite the summer heat and tight attic space,  John helped our client create detailed structural attachments, much to the client’s surprise.


    The Outcome

    FootBridge was able to locate and qualify the ideal candidate to assist our client in a short turnaround window. Thus putting John in a position to identify vendors who could meet stainless specifications with same-year delivery while also identifying a provider who could supply, source, and turn out fabrication ahead of schedule. Pricing, including fabrication, was only about 50% above sourcing the steel sheets alone ($40K to buy steel with no firm commitment on full delivery, $60k all in delivered fabrication to the site).


I’ve worked on a lot of various projects across multiple sectors including GMP, mining/metals, oil/has, telecommunications. I’ve often been brought into projects that had areas of the work that were struggling (behind schedule), and I’ve been able to recovery by quickly identifying issues and driving solutions.


FootBridge Employee

Required Skills

  • Project and Construction Management Experience
  • Safety Focus (OSHA 30)
  • Current API 1169 (Pipeline Inspection).

Tools/Technical Experience

  • MS Project
  • Maximo
  • Adobe

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FootBridge would like to thank and commend John for his hard work and dedicated service to the project and our client.  We look forward to working with him on continued projects in the future.