FootBridge Employee Masterfully Controls $40M Budget & Complex Project Schedule

Master Planner / Scheduler, Tim



    A large pharmaceutical company needed a master planner/scheduler to oversee a $40 million building renovation. However, this wasn’t just any commercial construction project. In addition to working with a substantial capital budget, the job would require a total gut while installing all-new process automation equipment in a clean environment (void of any pollution or its effects).


    Project Scope

    FootBridge hired contractor Tim W. to oversee a three-year project management/scheduling contract. Additional responsibilities included:

    • Sole responsibility for all Engineering, Procurement, Construction, C&Q, Automation, and Operations scheduling


    Delays often plague commercial construction projects due to weather, labor shortages, and slow adoption of new technology. The global COVID-19 pandemic has also caused innumerable supply chain disruptions with long-lasting effects, so scheduling has become even more critical than ever. To further complicate matters, this client had gone through four schedulers before working with Tim W., none of whom could keep the project on schedule. Moving forward, the client needed someone to turn around existing scheduling issues and assure stakeholders the previously experienced negative results were in the past.


    The Outcome

    FootBridge was able to locate and qualify the ideal candidate, Tim W., to assist our client in a short turnaround window. Tim W. immediately got to work with each group to refine and further develop their baseline schedules. With Tim at the scheduling and forecasting helm, the client and their stakeholders have renewed confidence in a successful building renovation. Additional benefits have included:

    • Minimal delays due to accurate reports and identifying the potential for future issues before they happen
    • Informational accountability
    • Respect for the stakeholders’ time during schedule development


I have contracted through FootBridge on 2 different occasions as a Project Controls Manager and Master Planner/Scheduler and have always been pleased with the professionalism everyone at FootBridge demonstrates. Todd is such a pleasure to work with and I really appreciate his professionalism, calm demeanor, and great people skills.

Tim W.

PMP, Master Scheduler

Required Skills

  • Project management expertise
  • Advanced scheduling knowledge
  • Previous pharma experience
  • Excellent communications skills

Tools/Technical Experience

  • Primavera P6
  • MS Project (vendor schedules)
  • Schedule Reader Pro

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FootBridge would like to thank and commend Tim for his hard work and dedicated service to the project and our client. We look forward to working with him on continued projects in the future.