Having trouble finding qualified employees in the energy industry? You’re not alone. The ebbs and flows of this unique industry mean when you need qualified people fast, so do your competitors – turning a candidate search into a race for the best talent.

Here are several ways to give yourself a boost and snag qualified talent first:

  1. Check the job description before you post. A job description that doesn’t accurately match the demands of the job may attract candidates – but the candidates won’t be the ones you need to get the work done. Before posting, make sure the job description is updated, thorough and reflective of the actual day-to-day demands of the job and the abilities required to meet them. Your staffing partner can help you ensure your job description is clear and complete.
  2. Move hiring to the top of your to-do list. Managers in the energy industry have never-ending lists of tasks, all demanding attention – but if hiring is not a priority in your day, it won’t return the results you need. To balance hiring demands with your other job responsibilities, work with a staffing partner who can tackle tasks like reviewing resumes and screening candidates, so you can focus on finding the best person in the field – not “just any” person.
  3. Communicate regularly with candidates. Job seekers make finding their next position a full-time job. Without regular communication from an interested employer, they’re likely to forget they’re on your radar – and more likely to take a position with a competing company. Create a hiring timeline, make it available to candidates, and “touch base” on schedule so your top choices know they’re still in the running.
  4. Choose a good staffing partner. A staffing company that specializes in working with oil and gas industry clients can help you spot hiring trends, plan for your own hiring needs, and maintain connections with some of the most qualified people in the industry – improving your chances of finding the right people when you need them.

At FootBridge Energy Services, our recruiters specialize in helping our clients find the qualified oil and gas employees they need to meet their goals. Contact us today to learn more about our energy recruiting services.