Your candidates are already “on the ball” when it comes to reputation management: they know employers will be Googling them. But is your company keeping its online reputation polished to a shine as well?

Proactive reputation management pays when the goal is to recruit top talent. Here’s how:

Positive content outlives the occasional negative comment.

How long a blog post, news article, or social media profile has been on the Web is one of the factors search engines weigh when they decide how to rank content. By taking an early and proactive approach to reputation management, companies can make sure their positive content stays put, promoting it up the search engine rankings and drowning out any negativity.

To Do: Keep social media channels updated regularly, and make sure the company moves quickly to present a positive, united front if any bad news appears.

Candidate interest rises when your online reputation is solid.

It’s easier than ever for candidates to learn about companies that interest them. When they find a clear, consistent, and positive brand message, their interest may grow into a passion, putting you at the top of their “companies to work for” list.

To Do: Check the company’s social media profiles regularly to ensure the same consistent message about company culture, vision, and brand is broadcast on all channels. Consider making it easier for candidates to ask questions about the company and its job openings and to get quick answers via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Reputation management improves retention.

A solid “brand” message helps candidates gauge whether they will be a good cultural “fit” for an organization. When a candidate meshes well with a company’s processes and vision, he or she is more likely to stick around, and more likely to deliver consistently productive results.

To Do: When “selling” a top candidate on a job opening or offer, align hiring managers’ comments with the brand demonstrated through the company’s online reputation. Encourage hiring managers to focus on the parts of working for the company that they love best. Is the organization dedicated to innovation? Is teamwork the name of the game? Is work-life balance second to none? Make sure it appears both online and in hiring managers’ comments.

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