Want to get the most significant value out of your recruiting and staffing firm partnership? Working with the right one can improve your candidate pool, shorten hiring time, and provide access to specialized contracts and long-term talent. But don’t just take our word for it, ask our recruiters! Here are five topics they’ve recently covered and the innovative ways they choose to solve them.

1) How well do you know the industry?

Our recruiters specialize in the following market segments: oil and gas, energy services, process industries, manufacturing, and power and utilities.  Some recruiting firms position themselves as a one size fits all staffing solution—however, many trade depth for breadth. The best staffing firm for you will likely be an organization focusing solely on staffing within your industry and deliver quality candidates with a sense of urgency.

2) How do you help solve long-term hiring solutions?

The top recruiters think more broadly than the individual candidate or position. At FootBridge, we work with clients to help identify challenges in the hiring process, create strategic staffing plans and improve recruiting and retention long-term. Many of our clients have been with us since our inception, making us friends and colleagues. Head on over to our success stories to learn more.

3) How well do you source candidates?

Very well! In addition to having access to a vast candidate database and receiving resumes via job listings, our recruiters put candidates through a multi-step review process before submitting them to our customers. Client business manager Josh Avin emphasizes that a recruiter must spend plenty of time and effort presenting suitable job candidates to clients because otherwise, it’s a waste of their time.  

4) When can I expect to hear from you?

How about always? The best recruiters make themselves easy to contact and promptly respond via email, phone, or text. Ask about your potential recruiting partner’s communication methods and preferences to ensure you can always connect when you need to do so.

A solid recruiting partner will have good outreach and make placements with their employees in mind. They will not only consider their living situations but also schedule interviews and negotiate salary, living expenses, and travel expenses. Recruiter Cam Richards emphasizes that a good recruiter will be organized and communicative and want to positively impact their candidates’ lives. 

5) What do you think makes a good staffing firm partnership? 

We feel candidates should feel like more than a name on a time sheet. The staffing partner should check in regularly and not just at the end of the job to ask how the project is going and if they need anything, as it speaks to their level of commitment. The same goes for the client side, as our business development team continuously checks in to ask how the project is going and to see how we can solve staffing situations before they become a dilemma.


At FootBridge, we specialize in placing qualified candidates with our clients in many specialized industries. Don’t let your recruiting process keep you from hiring top talent.  At FootBridge, our experienced recruiters specialize in helping our clients streamline the hiring process to attract and hire top talent. Contact us today to learn more.