FootBridge Client Success Stories

“FootBridge has always played a proactive role when it comes to establishing relationships and filling in the blanks between their clients and the contractors they hire. This has a direct impact to the success of the client’s mission. I recommend FootBridge to any client or contractor.”

Hitesh, Scheduler, Energy Services
“A terrific and responsive resource, FootBridge helped manage details I subsequently did not have to handle, allowing me to operate virtually with no worries at all! They are a group of efficient, communicative, and collaborative team players, and a valuable corporate asset.”
Kathleen, Hiring Manager, Project Support
“The FootBridge team is well informed, knows the market and delivers top-notch candidates. They are always professional, and always up to date with current staffing requirements.”
Jeff, Support Specialist, Power & Utilities
“The FootBridge team is full of honest people always ready to support their clients.”
Glen, Owner, Project Support
“FootBridge is an exceptional team. Their solid understanding of the industry helped our company uncover top-notch Project Controls people for my company and ‘negotiated a fair price’ for their services. I definitely recommend FootBridge.”
David, Vice President, Energy Services
“FootBridge is one of the best in the business at finding quality engineers, project managers, and technical expertise for staff augmentation. From recruiters to account executives, they have a knack for maintaining great client and contractor relationships resulting in flawless execution. My affiliation has developed into one of both friendship and professionalism over the past four years”
Dan, Project Director, Project Support

“We have needed quite a few project controls people over the last few years and sometimes in cities where we don’t typically do business. FootBridge has never failed to provide great people to interview and hire. We often choose to hire FootBridge staff because the response with candidates is so fast. It makes the process of hiring new folks very easy.”

Greg, Project Controls, Oil & Gas
“The FootBridge team did a great job sourcing quality candidates for our pipeline construction project. They invest the time and effort to learn about the unique skillsets and job requirements we are looking for and narrow our search down. They are also very fast and responsive to change and requests. I believe FootBridge’s experience and ability to hear what our needs are truly set them apart. I look forward to working with FootBridge more in the future.”
Mike, Project Controls, Oil & Gas
“My company partners with FootBridge to hire contracted professionals for our capital projects group. They truly understand our industry and have consistently delivered quality candidates while always working with a sense of urgency. I usually only need to open 1 or 2 resumes before I find the right candidate. I highly recommend the FootBridge team for any of your construction project staffing needs.”
Project Controls Manager, Construction

“Recently I worked on a project where I was in dire need of additional staffing support. I contacted FootBridge to see if they could offer me assistance. Within a couple of weeks, I was lined up with the qualified staffing support I needed. FootBridge has been very easy to negotiate and work with. I look forward to utilizing their staffing support on my next project.”

Dustin, SR. Project Manager, Pipeline

“FootBridge has a knowledgeable grasp of the energy industry and the type of people who can work and succeed in it. They have always provided me with top quality people, often on short notice and in difficult environments. The entire team at FootBridge raises the bar for professional staffing organizations.”

Mark, Program Director, Energy Services

“FootBridge has done excellent work finding us quality people when needed. They are very responsive and always meet our deadlines. I will gladly continue to use FootBridge for my company’s recruiting needs.”

Seth, Operations Manager, Energy Services

“I’ve used FootBridge to provide quality contract personnel to support Energy Project Management. Very pleased with the personnel they provided.”

Mark, Director, Energy Services

“I have relied on FootBridge to provide very skilled, senior-level project controls professionals for our organization. They have performed above my expectation, and I would not hesitate to call on FootBridge Project Controls for future staffing needs.”

Jeff, Manager of Construction and Project Services, Construction
“FootBridge has been very supportive of our needs with proposing and performing services work. We have counted on them time after time to meet our needs on critical projects.”
Matthew, Project Support

FootBridge Contract Employee Success Stories

“Over the course of 20 years in contract roles, I have worked for the majority of major staffing firms. Although I have many horror stories from other agencies, I genuinely believe FootBridge is the best staffing agency I have ever worked for. They are reliable, professional, and have strong interpersonal relationships. I frequently recommend FootBridge to both contractors and companies as THE best option in the industry.”

Cristi, Project Controls
“I have worked with a lot of recruiters and consulting firms, but FootBridge was the first one who actually kept in touch with me through the whole hiring process and then through my first months on the job. They not only listened when I called them, but they offered good advice and checked back several times to make sure everything worked out well. When necessary, they got others on the team to help, too. This type of communication is very important and seriously lacking in other staffing firms I’ve worked with, but not FootBridge! I highly recommend having FootBridge help you find your next position.”
Marsha, Technical Writer
“My recruiter’s professional demeanor is that of unending support for his colleagues and thoroughness of his work. His tenacity is equal to anyone I have met or have been fortunate to work with. If you ever wanted a company who represented the team or individual as a go-to company for results, it would be FootBridge.”
George, Superintendent/Construction Manager

“I worked for FootBridge as a Construction Manager on a large capital project in Nebraska. They are personable, energetic & resourceful people who are easy to get along with. You couldn’t ask for a more resourceful and insightful client manager. I look forward to working with them again in the future, and we keep in regular contact to that end.”

Rob, Construction Manager
“I had a very positive recruiting experience with FootBridge, knowing they always had my back when it came to career advice. Having a dedicated recruiter who was on top of my job negotiations and represented my best interests was a huge asset. If the circumstances ever align again, I would not hesitate to work for FootBridge again.”
Kenneth, Project Controls Manager
“As a candidate working with FootBridge for eight years, I have grown accustomed to their quality recruiting and personable nature resulting in must-have open communication.”
Ron, Project Controls Specialist, Planner/Scheduler
“FootBridge is a company that cares about their employees. Many times, employees work in locations across North America. FootBridge coordinates these assignments with their employees in mind. The FootBridge team was involved 100% of the time with me. FootBridge reached out to me for an excellent opportunity in North Dakota. They set up interviews, negotiated salary, living expenses, and travel expenses. They helped me every step of the way from Texas to North Dakota. The FootBridge employment package and client assignment was exactly what I was expecting. While on assignment, the FootBridge team would check in on me to see how I was doing, how the assignment was going, and if I required anything from them. This involvement from an employer that is on the other side of the country speaks to their commitment to their employees. I never felt that I was on my own on this assignment. I have worked for different companies before and once they hire you, they do not contact you again until the assignment is finished. With FootBridge, you are not just a name on a time sheet. FootBridge is a company built on the best employees for the right clients.”
Mark, Advanced Work Packaging SME
“During my time with FootBridge, I enjoyed their professionalism and attentiveness to our needs as contract employees and the manner in how they interfaced with the clients. FootBridge is the “go to” company for many clients due to the quality of the personnel they can provide.”
Jim, Construction Manager
“I have enjoyed working with FootBridge and appreciate how quickly they modified their timesheet to accommodate my need to capture hours spent on various projects within a day. In my communication with FootBridge, they were always friendly and conducted themselves in a professional manner.”
Oscar, Sr. Project Engineer
“This is my first time as a contracted employee, and I have had a very positive experience. FootBridge takes care of the administrative details and provides an electronic time sheet which is easy to use for both time entry and expenses. They provided flexible contract conditions when I had to return to my home for family health reasons, and they helped make arrangements with the client for me to work from home. I also had the chance to experience FootBridge from the other side when the client asked for some help screening candidates for the project. FootBridge was very responsive with ample candidates to choose from and was very helpful with the interview process.”
Gary, Contracts Specialist
“My experience with FootBridge was very positive. They supported my contract employment with their client very professionally, and I never had issue receiving pay or reimbursements. FootBridge insured good communication was maintained with their client and myself. Due to their support, I transitioned into a full-time position with their client.”
Delk, Facility Assessor
“At the Mountaineer Express Pipeline Project, I have seen with FootBridge that the secret to success is to focus all your energy not on waiting on the old but on building the new. FootBridge has represented along with my career in project planning this “always deliver more than expected” attribute that owners at engineering & construction companies require in this ever-changing energy market. If your actions inspire others to dream more, I encourage anyone to take on an opportunity with FootBridge.”
Hugo, Project Panning Lead