Semiconductors, or chips, are the brains of almost every electronic device, including hospital ventilators, smartphones, and cars.  And with more people working from home, the need for computers and other electronics has risen. As a result, semiconductor and robotics manufacturers (companies that create the robots used to build semiconductors) are upping production just as fast as they can. However, doing so is a complex process as finding individuals to fill these positions has proven problematic due to another shortage – workers. To compensate, FootBridge is announcing financial incentives and 3rd shift work differentials that job seekers don’t want to miss!

If you are not familiar with the semiconductor and robotics industry, the opportunities are vast and

FootBridge has a long-standing relationship with a well-established firm actively hiring for the following positions:

  • Assemblers
  • Technicians
  • Engineers
  • Material and warehouse handlers
  • Shippers
  • Purchasing agents
  • Quality inspectors and more

Even better, this company is offering a $1500 sign-on bonus, plus a 20 percent shift differential (per hour) for workers who opt for the third shift.  It’s an attractive offer in an industry where the standard is otherwise 15 percent. Besides offering referral and sign-on bonuses, this company also provides educational reimbursement and has a high conversion rate of transitioning employees from temp to permanent positions.

“Admittedly, working the third shift may not be for everyone,” says Tony Blestis, The FootBridge Companies Program Manager. ”Still, it’s a desirable option for dual-income families who are trying to balance childcare with work responsibilities.” Blestis’s parents worked at night when he was seven years old to age 13 because it’s what worked best for their family. While they were at work, his older siblings were home to watch over him. “My family always had breakfast together,” says Blestis. “Then I’d get on the bus, and when I got home from school, my parents were there to make sure I did my homework and bring me to Little League or Pop Warner practice and games.”

But making more money working the third shift, Blestis points out, is also a big draw for individuals trying to decide between taking an offer with another company that may not have as many benefits. Not to mention the pride robotics and semiconductor employees have when they see a product come together.

 “I understand working third shift can be a challenge. But there are benefits especially for dual-income families.” – Tony Blestis, FootBridge Program Manager.

Why  Robotics and Semiconductor Work?

When it comes down to it, the semiconductor and robotics market are billion-dollar industries.   Chips drive the technology of the future, and Massachusetts seems to be the epicenter for this work. According to Blestis, there is also plenty of growth potential in this industry, especially for individuals looking to move into management and engineering positions. “I know many candidates who started as technicians and worked their way up.  What I’m finding is many job seekers aren’t aware of the opportunities, and we’re hoping to change that with geofencing and targeted advertising to find potential candidates.”

In total, the screening process to working on-site takes approximately one week.

For candidates looking for work in the robotics and semiconductor industry, according to Blestis, the first step is to reach out to FootBridge and let them know you are interested in opportunities. Before receiving an interview with the client:

  • The FootBridge team of recruiters first screens candidates to ensure they are a good fit.
  • All candidates also have a virtual interview on Microsoft Teams, so, even during a time of social distancing, they see every candidate, and in turn, the candidate sees the recruiter.

As always, FootBridge continues to hire for manufacturing positions, especially right here in Massachusetts. To view a list of available manufacturing jobs, visit the job search page. From assembly technicians to customer service agents and more, FootBridge has plenty of opportunities for the right candidate.  For individuals in need of resume and interview advice, FootBridge can help prep candidates. Or, they can visit the resource page for helpful advice.