Today we’re talking with FootBridge Senior Recruiter Kate Gagnon who interviews between 20 to 40 potential candidates a day to fill high-level positions within the energy and commercial construction sectors. From what to include on your resume to making sure your resume is visible on job boards, here are five tips to help candidates put their best foot forward.

Tip #1 COVID is no longer a good excuse for not working

The COVID-19 pandemic left many businesses struggling to staff, produce, and provide goods and services to the public. However, Kate notes it’s no longer a viable excuse for having a gap in your resume as two years later, more candidates than not are back at it

“A consistently employable person would have found something by now,” says Kate, who suggests being honest and forthright with recruiters if you are just starting to look for work. “I want to know that a candidate was doing something during the work history gap. Perhaps they were furthering their education, completing certifications, or performing remote consulting work. The point is we want to see a candidate was being proactive and productive during COVID because it makes them more marketable.”

Tip #2 Tell us the details about previous work experiences

“If someone isn’t willing to provide me with quantifiable information, it raises red flags,” says Kate.  “This tends to happen with industry veterans who have been working in the field for a very long time and believe it’s enough to say, well, I worked in this particular role and leave it at that.”

When a candidate leaves out information such as budgets, timeframes, and measurable data about a project, a recruiter can’t overtly know they are qualified for a position. Kate suggests wherever someone is in their job search, take the time to write down results from previous projects; otherwise, you may risk missing out on opportunities.

Tip # 3 Update your resume

Some candidates cut and paste job descriptions across multiple positions on their resumes. “When I see this, it tells me the candidate isn’t committed to detail, which may spill over into their professional work,” says Kate. “It doesn’t take me long to scan a resume for keywords and notice the repetition. A good resume will contain quantitative data, in what capacity and industry—the more specific, the better. Candidates can even visit our resource page for resume writing tips.

Tip #4 Have a presence on multiple job boards

In addition to applicant tracking systems, referrals, and networking, the easiest way for a candidate to be found by recruiters is through job boards, including specialty ones like and Also, keep in mind, LinkedIn is great for finding passive clients because it’s a place to post one’s resume without being obvious.

Tip #5 Avoid these recruiting misconceptions

“One common misconception is that recruiters are out to pay a candidate less so we can make more. Not true,” says Kate. “We are very much on the candidates’ side.” Finding highly specialized applicants in the energy and commercial construction fields is full-time work. These are senior-level individuals who are very specific to their industry and competitively compensated.

“Another misconception is that once the candidate is placed with a client, they never hear back from us,” says Kate. “Candidates enjoy working with FootBridge because we are a smaller staffing firm compared to some of the giants out there, so we are very responsive. To that extent, if someone calls me with a payroll or site question, my team and I can get to the root of the problem and solve it quickly.”

When asked about the most rewarding part of being a recruiter, Kate says she enjoys connecting a person to the work they enjoy. “It’s nice to know you’re helping people and doing good by them.”

FootBridge contract employees have a wide range of skills and come from various backgrounds. We look for talented professionals ready to hit the ground running and immediately contribute to our client’s productivity.

FootBridge uses an extensive local and national database to find the right position for you as a contract employee. Contact us today to learn more.