Today we’re highlighting the work being done by Alisia Ortiz, our payroll coordinator, who’s been with the FootBridge staffing company for eight years and counting. While she may be “behind the scenes,” processing payroll for hundreds of nationwide contractors, you can bet she’s on the phone daily, answering contractor questions and ensuring quality staffing services after every job placement.   

Question: Recently, a contractor acknowledged your hard work. Tell us about that.

Alisia: Yes, John is a facilities engineer working on a contract for one of our commercial construction clients. He mentioned the contract work was the perfect fit because he was winding down his career but wanted to remain active. His assignment included performing inventory checks at different locations, followed by four weeks of data entry.   

In the three years he worked as a contractor before going perm,  John traveled to numerous sites, including Houston, MIT, Canada, Ohio, and California. Depending on his mobilization, we compensate his expenses, and with his Canada work, John would have questions about currency conversion. Luckily the software program we use for time entry does the calculations, which I gladly explained, and I think conversations like this are critical to a successful partnership.

Question: As a payroll coordinator for a staffing firm, are you surprised by how often you interact with contractors?

Alisia: Not at all. Communication is essential to ensuring contractors are getting paid. There’s also direct deposit set-up, pay stubs, and manual checks to mail. Also, we are constantly checking for accuracy. Everyone is human, and sometimes, a contractor enters the incorrect week. We also deal with new hires weekly, so it’s important to discuss using the time entry system and let them know we are always here to help.

Question: What’s a payroll coordinator’s schedule look like, and what can contractors expect from you?

Alisia:  As a staffing company, we have payroll processing down to a science. On Monday, the team gathers payroll data, ensuring that hundreds of timecards are entered into Bullhorn and checking the entries for accuracy. We then check which contractors will have expenses so we can check they are entered correctly – which happens mainly on the power and energy side if a contractor is doing mobilization or demobilization.

As the week gets rolling, we enter sick time and PTO. Tuesday is payroll, and we gather all timecards and start processing payments. On Wednesday, we enter taxes, and Thursday, we mail checks and pay stubs to the individuals who request them.  We also enter new hires into ADP and make sure they have direct deposit set up.

Question: That’s a lot of work. You’ve been at FootBridge for eight years; how did you get your start?

Alisia: I was a temp to perm, working as an accounting assistant. At the time, we didn’t have an electronic system, so the contractors sent paper time sheets. I would then spend two days performing data entry, gathering the invoices, and scanning them before emailing them.  However, it wasn’t long before we transitioned to electronic invoicing and timecards, and by then, I was a permanent employee working as a payroll and billing coordinator. Then in 2022, I became the primary payroll coordinator.

Question: We’re so glad to have you! What do you like most about working at FootBridge?

Alisia: I like that every day is different! Also, my payroll coordinator position is constantly evolving, and I love the details. It really matters that the SSN is correct, the pay rate is right, and I enjoy being on the phone daily with all our contractors. I never imagined learning so much about the energy, construction management, and manufacturing industries, but here I am!