There are many benefits of working with a staffing firm. From tailored searches to cost savings, flexibility, and managing unpredictable workloads, here are some of the (many) reasons to partner with one.


1)      Shorten The Hiring Process

Companies, on average, receive 250 resumes per job posting. Rather than sorting through so many applicants, a staffing firm can manage the process and have additional candidates in mind that may be worth an interview. Client business manager Ray LaMonica still works with clients he first spoke to when he started in his role at FootBridge 10 years ago.


2)      Manage Project Immediacy

It’s a regular occurrence in the energy, construction management, engineering, and manufacturing industries for companies to have to fill or backfill positions quickly.  While human resources have many responsibilities, hiring in a client’s industry is the one thing we do. A staffing firm like FootBridge goes above and beyond for clients, sourcing the right candidate under tight time constraints, sometimes even getting candidates on-site the next day!


3)      Hire the Right Candidate

When screening candidates, running through a scripted performance is the last thing on our recruiters’ minds. FootBridge recruiters don’t want to waste anyone’s time, much less their own, and are trained to recognize when a great candidate fits a client’s position. Even if a candidate doesn’t fit a hiring position, that’s not to say they aren’t a great candidate for future work; thus, our recruiters communicate with jobseekers often. FootBridge Recruiter Chris Mayfield enjoys getting to know job-seeking candidates because it helps him understand their wants and goals. He advises candidates to consider how a contract position will affect their overall life, not just the immediacy of the given job. He hopes a candidate will continue to work with him as he always has their best interests in mind.


4)      Stay Competitive

To remain competitive, companies must hire smartly. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy has endured many fluctuations in the job market. Helping companies persevere throughout the great resignation are staffing firms. FootBridge recruiters connect companies to qualified candidates and specialize in assisting clients in creating strategic staffing plans, positioning them to recruit and retain the best talent available. Don’t hesitate to gain your staffing partner’s valuable input into your upcoming staffing strategy.  Recruiter Mark Zaytzev enjoys working with candidates and wants job seekers to know it’s never about his success. It’s about the work accomplished between the candidate and the client as they collaborate on necessary and complicated jobs in the engineering, energy, and manufacturing industries.


5)      Minimize Hiring Risks

When working with a FootBridge recruiter, you can be certain we are doing everything possible to get to know the candidate and be forthcoming about a job description. We aren’t just telling candidates what they want to hear and will never present a candidate who isn’t qualified for a position.   FootBridge Recruiter Kate Gagnon enjoys connecting people with work they enjoy.  When screening candidates, she takes note of measurable data such as budgets, timelines, accomplishments, and problems solved so she can present this information to the client and be certain of the candidate’s industry experience and expertise.



6)      Deep Industry Knowledge

At FootBridge, we know the industries our clients are hiring. For instance, president and founder Todd Springer got his start working as a mechanical engineer at a nuclear power plant. He knows the industry and goes back many years with clients and candidates. Additionally, operations manager Joe Squires encourages his recruiters to work hard and smart. Asking questions is how we learn the business from a candidate’s perspective.


7)      Lean Recruiting

Open communication is crucial to a successful job placement process. Just as a recruiter must provide the best information to candidates, we ask the same from clients. Sharing your company’s strategic staffing plan with your recruiter can help improve the quality of candidates for both your current needs and future goals. This long-term mentality can also help you build an ongoing partnership with your recruiting firm. FootBridge recruiter Liz Morrison believes open communication is crucial to a successful job placement process and advises candidates not to sell themselves short. She wants to know about an individual’s background to cater her search to their specific skill set.


Don’t let your recruiting process keep you from hiring top talent. If your company is getting bogged down with hiring practices, especially regarding contract workers, a staffing firm could be the solution. At FootBridge, our experienced recruiters specialize in helping our clients streamline the hiring process to attract and hire top talent. Contact us today to learn more.