2019 is likely to be a competitive year for top energy talent. In order to hire the right people, you need to know what you’re looking for. Ideal candidates come in all shapes and sizes, but typically they will have similar traits. Here are six traits hiring managers should look for when seeking the best new addition to their existing teams.

  1. Communication Skills

Communication skills are a must in the energy industry, where teamwork is essential and projects must be carried out under strict parameters and even stricter deadlines. Ask candidates about times they’ve relied on strong communication skills or times they saw communication fail, and how they addressed that problem.

  1. Leadership

Even rank-and-file team members can benefit from leadership skills. The ability to see the big picture, inspire others and work toward the greater good allow a new team member to integrate more quickly. Hiring for leadership potential also helps ensure the company has the people it needs to grow into the future.

  1. Responsibility

Responsible workers in the energy industry are essential to safe work sites. They’re also essential for completing tasks and projects on time and within budget. During interviews, explore situations in which candidates were given responsibility and how they responded.

  1. Time Management

Every good energy candidate needs strong time management skills. Interviewers can seek these skills in candidates by asking about times the candidate was under pressure to perform on a short deadline. Ask what happened and seek the candidate’s perspective on how well their response addressed the key issues.

  1. Integrity

Integrity can be defined as the state of one’s inner thoughts or intentions matching one’s outward behavior and demeanor. Candidates with integrity are more trustworthy, make stronger team members, and are more likely to have the ability to fairly evaluate their own work.

  1. Passion

Finally, don’t hesitate to choose candidates who show real passion for their work. Passion indicates a sense of ownership, which is essential to employee engagement. Candidates with passion are those who will ensure the work they do is done well, and their enthusiasm often inspires their coworkers to produce better results as well.

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