Teams face increasing pressure to produce, stay engaged and do outstanding work, which means that team leaders face increasing pressure to keep teams on track to these goals.

Here are six ways to help your team improve its output without sacrificing quality.

Declutter the work space.

Clutter tends to sap energy and attention, especially when it gets in the way of an orderly work process or goal. Make sure there’s “a place for everything and everything in its place” so workers can concentrate on the task at hand.

Hold better meetings.

Before you schedule a meeting, create the agenda. Then, decide: Does this need to be a meeting, or can it be done via email? If a meeting is required, schedule only the amount of time required to get through the agenda you’ve created – and dismiss everyone on time, no matter what.

Point out successes.

Productivity and engagement are interlinked, and when the latter drops, so does the former. Keep engagement high by pointing out successes, as well as the cause and effect relationship between your team’s work and that success.

Snack healthier.

Candy, cookies, and donuts provide a sugar rush, but they don’t offer the fuel your team needs for long-term physical or mental strain. Instead, focus on making sure healthier snacks are always available, and encourage your team to get the fuel that will keep them going for the long haul.

Quit working.

Studies show that taking breaks throughout the day to breathe, relax and refocus can help teams maintain higher levels of overall productivity than merely working straight through. Build in time for “brain breaks” to keep output high.

Know when to ask for help.

Sometimes, the best productivity answer is to go to someone with expertise in the tasks you need. Your staffing partner, for example, can help take a wide range of hiring tasks off your plate, allowing you to focus on what your team needs.

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