Are you a company looking to hire for an energy and construction project but unsure how long a contract will last? Many companies feel the same way. However, rather than miss out on opportunities because you don’t want to hire a permanent employee for a project that may or may not come your way, did you know an energy and construction staffing firm like FootBridge is the solution? Hiring top energy and construction talent may look different than before COVID-19, but we’re working with companies to help them prepare for what’s on the horizon as we slowly come out of the pandemic.

The Inside Scoop on Energy and Construction Jobs

According to a Mckinsey & Company report, some companies, and you may be one of them, will transition to “flexible workspaces” while others plan to reduce office space by as much as 30 percent. Then again, remote work burnout is real.  According to, up to 69 percent of workers miss the office. Looking forward, it would therefore seem the closer the proximity of workers, the greater chance you will see separation until the pandemic is under control.

What does all this mean for energy and construction jobs? According to KPMG, the future of energy jobs is ever-evolving as 77 percent of CEOs say, “They will continue to build on their current use of digital collaboration and communication tools, and 73 percent believe that remote working has widened their available talent pool.”

Want to improve your energy and construction job hiring in the coming year? Here are some key strategies to consider:

Establish a Talent Strategy

According to KPMG, companies will want to focus on a talent strategy that’s big on the people and skills needed for a more agile and virtual future. And you can bet our recruiters are diligently screening qualified candidates every day. To better understand the cost benefits of working with an energy and construction staffing firm, click here.

Develop a Retention Plan

It’s going to be a competitive hiring market.  There’s no doubt about it. Where 2020 saw massive layoffs and job declines, moving forward will be just the opposite. Energy job candidates will have options, and many are open to new opportunities.  Working with FootBridge can ensure you are ready for these changes.

Make a competitive offering.

Are your salary and total compensation package competitive with other companies in the industry? Many great candidates turn away when these numbers don’t measure up against other offers. Your FootBridge recruiter can help you obtain the data you need to ensure that compensation offerings are attractive and competitive.

Reduce time to hire.

A lengthy hiring process creates additional chances for your top candidates to lose interest or accept a competing company’s offer. Working with an energy staffing firm like FootBridge allows you to keep the process moving, keep candidates engaged, and hire more efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Work with a recruiter.

Staffing firms specialize in understanding the challenges of hiring and helping each client leverage their strengths to meet those challenges head-on. Your recruiter can help you find better candidates, shorten the time to hire, and position your company as a leading candidate choice in a tough job market.

At FootBridge Energy Services, our recruiters specialize in connecting our clients with some of the energy industry’s best available talent. To learn more, contact us today.