In every hiring manager’s experience, the ultimate goal is to identify and recruit the best of the best for the company. Every so often, a candidate comes along who demonstrates leadership ability. Therefore, focus on bringing on future leaders should be the foundation of good recruitment. Yet, how is it possible to know in advance if a candidate has leadership potential? The key is to use these four time-tested methods for spotting candidates with the hallmarks of leadership.

#1 – Look for Hard and Soft Skills

There is a lot to be said for candidates who present a strong set of skills during the initial phases of recruitment and interviewing, but do these skills represent the best for your company? Look for skills that have been successful in your organization. Hard skills may include teachable assets like industry knowledge and techniques, while soft skills are things like personality traits, communication, and interpersonal abilities. Future leaders have an equal balance of both.

#2 – Note the Fit for the Corporate Culture

A candidate may be a natural leader who understands corporate hierarchy and processes, but your company is more casual and relaxed as an organization which could lead to problems later on. Always take a look at past work experiences and personality as an indicator of the candidate’s suitability for your unique work culture.

#3 – Understand What Drives Them

Leaders are often disguised as strongly driven candidates, but this is not a sure sign that they are right for your company (they may be better suited as entrepreneurs). Instead, look for candidates who are self-driven to your industry and love to learn about new things in relationship to this industry. Candidates like this may be very interested in your company’s objectives in the industry and will ask good questions during interviews about this.

#4 – Carefully Vet Them

One of the best ways to identify candidates with leadership ability is to partner with a recruiter who has the skills and experience to spot great leaders in the making. A qualified recruiter will be able to assess the candidate’s skills, verify their career and educational backgrounds, and obtain professional references.

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