While we all adjust to the post-COVID-19 new normal, so too, it seems, is the energy market. According to a recent US Energy Information Administration (EID) report, it will be years before we return to 2019 energy consumption levels, which isn’t necessarily bad as carbon emissions are also on the decline – a trend that is expected to continue through 2035. Depending on the US economic recovery pace, it could be 2029 before energy consumption returns to pre-pandemic levels. The same goes for electricity, which will mostly return to 2019 levels by 2025. However, if the market is slow to recover, those numbers could take as long as 2050.  The stock market natural gas will remain flat, while coal and nuclear are expected to drop by about half. 


What is Clean Energy?

A renewable resource generates clean energy. The pros of clean energy are net-zero carbon emissions, cleaner air, lower costs, and more jobs. On the flip side, securing land and infrastructures for wind and solar farms can be problematic. Also, since renewable energy relies on natural resources such as sun, wind, and water, it’s not always reliable. They can also produce too much energy and overload grids. 


Clean Energy Jobs 

So, where does this news leave energy jobs for 2021? With climate change marked as a priority, President Biden has pledged 10 million clean energy jobs in his vow to reduce carbon emissions. While also wanting to reach a carbon-free energy sector by 2035. In a report from CNN, Biden has pledged $400 billion to US-made manufacturing efforts toward clean cars, telecom equipment, steel, building materials, and health care equipment. Another $300 billion would go to the research and development of 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and electric vehicles.  For reference, clean energy jobs include positions such as:

  • Solar panel installers (construction)
  • Energy-efficient HVAC technician
  • Wind and grid modernization jobs
  • Clean energy storage
  • Green construction


Clean Energy Projects

In our last blog, we spoke about how retail workers, restaurant employees, and event planners could transition to manufacturing as there are many openings in this market. The same can be said of pipefitters, welders, and steelworkers applying their skills to building solar farms such as the Samson Solar Energy facility in northeast Texas.  With up to 600 jobs, its 1.3 gigawatts capacity is expected to surpass many nuclear reactors.


Open Positions

For a list of our open solar positions, check out our job search page. On a side note, clean energy jobs are said to pay 25 percent more than the national median wage earnings. 

To search the FootBridge Company website for clean energy jobs. Just type key word “solar” and select energy and construction. 

To summarize, the energy market is adapting to our new normal. Countries are likely to become more independent when securing their energy needs in the coming years. The US, for example, will purchase 75 million barrels of oil for their Strategic Petroleum Reserve. While India is ending its monopoly over coal. 

The energy industry can be an exciting and rewarding career, and we’re here to help you find your path.  If you’re looking for ways to update your resume and writing a cover letter, visit our job resources page. There you’ll find tips for reaching out. Or reach out to connect with our recruiters who can help you land the energy job of your dreams.