Energy sector jobs are growing again, which means professionals with the skills to thrive in this industry can build their careers with some of the nation’s top energy companies. If you’re considering a move to the energy industry in 2019, here are eight in-demand skills to emphasize in your resume and interviews:

  1. Industry Knowledge

    To set yourself apart from other candidates, demonstrate knowledge of the energy industry, not just the technical skills needed to thrive there. Talk about your achievements and goals in the context of the industry’s biggest opportunities and challenges in the next few years.

  2. Technical Achievement

    Energy sector job candidates can typically list the technical skills needed to succeed in these jobs, particularly those related to engineering. To stand out, link your technical skills to specific achievements on the job. Your accomplishments demonstrate you know how to apply your skills for success.

  3. Data Analysis

    Big data is changing every industry, and the energy industry is no exception. When you can demonstrate data analysis skills, you position yourself as a candidate able to leverage that information effectively for your own success and that of your co-workers and company.

  4. Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

    The energy industry is awash with new challenges, from rapidly developing technology to depleting resources and new ways to generate, transport, market and sell new energy sources. Candidates with strong problem-solving and critical-thinking skills stand out for their ability to tackle new problems and triumph over them.

  5. Cross-Team Collaboration

    Every energy industry professional needs to be a strong team player. The strongest candidates, however, can also communicate and coordinate effectively between teams – especially when the teams don’t share one another’s technical jargon. Being able to communicate with non-technically minded stakeholders, like executives and shareholders, bolsters your position as a must-have candidate.

  6. Project Management

    The energy industry thrives on large-scale projects, so candidates who understand project management are more likely to thrive in the industry. Project management puts skills like organization, time management and communication to work in a specific and rigorous fashion. Strong project management skills help energy industry professionals do their own work more efficiently and climb the ladder to leadership more quickly.

  7. Intellectual Curiosity

    The energy industry is changing rapidly, as is the world that relies on the energy it produces. A strong sense of curiosity is a must for candidates who want to build long-term careers in an industry that will likely change many times before they retire.

  8. Motivation and Perseverance

    A strong internal motivation to learn, apply your skills and succeed will set you apart from candidates who need someone to tell them what to do and why. Demonstrate your willingness to roll up your sleeves and get the work done in order to impress hiring managers.

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